At once hypnotic and dazzling, Stunt is, quite simply, a feat.
The Globe & Mail (Globe 100 Books of 2008)

Stunt is mesmerizing, rewarding, and breathtaking.”
Quill & Quire, starred review (Books of the Year, 2008)

“This surrealist coming-of-age novel – a shot of Catcher in the Rye with a One Hundred Years of Solitude chaser – is the perfect vehicle for Dey’s caustic wit and trenchant observations… It’s as if poet Anne Carson and satirist Mordecai Richler accidentally collided at a drunken PEN fundraiser to produce a mischievous, magical and observant girl-child.”
The Toronto Star

“Prepare for a monumental suspension of disbelief and a generous acceptance of the surreal and absurd—and prepare to receive a lot in return. Dey has created a world that defies definition and, in its deeply weird and totally beautiful storytelling, celebrates flights of imagination.”
Time Out Chicago

Stunt is daring, poignant, full of abandon and abandonment, wistful and funny. Here are big characters, with big lives. Brilliant.”
– Lisa Moore

Eugenia Ledoux, nine years old, wakes to a farewell note from her father, Sheb Wooly Ledoux, portraitist. She adores her father, his lunatic charms, how he takes her fishing in the middle of the night and calls her Stunt. She was sure that one day, as promised, he would take her to the moonscape of northern Ontario. Instead he fries five kippers, blows up a shoulder-pad factory and disappears. Heartbroken Eugenia is left behind with her mother, the sharp-edged former ingénue Mink, and her sister, the death-obsessed and hauntingly beautiful Immaculata.

When Mink vanishes too, Eugenia and Immaculata double in age over night. Eugenia, now eighteen, sets off to find I.I. Finbar Me the Three, tightrope walker, voluptuary and the only clue to Sheb’s disappearance.

Studded with postcards from outer space, twins, synesthesia, several fires and some accomplished taxidermy, Stunt is part dirge, part cowboy poetry and part love letter to the wilder corners of Toronto and of ourselves.

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